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Martin Shlanger - March 4, 1983

SS Guards

Do you remember any of the SS guards? Do any of them stand out?

Yes, I do.

Do you know their names?

Don't remember names. Not at all.

What, what stands out about them?

Well, there was one SS guard that had a habit of just hitting prisoners for no reason at all. We were coming back from the uh, construction project and he was standing at the uh, gate, and he had a stick in his hand, and bang one, two, three, just hitting people, for no reason at all.

Was he on the march?

No. Many of the S... young SS men were replaced by the old home guard by January 1945.

Was this Wehrmacht?

Yes, older, older, than fifty years old.


Yeah and uh, that's the first time I heard a German soldier call another prisoner, "Mein liebe Mensch," which means, "My dear fellow." Never before.

Why don't we stop for a moment now.


[interruption in interview]

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