Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Sam Seltzer - November 29, 1982

Return Home

Did you work your way back to Modrzejów?

Yes, we went back to Modrzejów. My father was there and a few other people--older people didn't want to leave town. They didn't care what happened to them. My dad--there was a lotta, when we came home there was a lotta soldiers on the marketplace, filled with soldiers all over. And uh, we felt in the air there was--there's not going to be good. And people were talking, we were talking about that the Germans wanted to make Judenrein. Judenrein means clearing of the Jews, clean of the Jews. So--and, in fact, my brother was taken to the Stalag when they caught him in the Polish Army. And he, he recognized the place where we lived. They had to go--it was a hanging bridge and they had to go slow. And he threw himself down and they were shooting and they shot him in the inside of the thigh. He had a big hole. And he passed out and next day the farmer brought him in, into town. And he said he's not going to stay with the Germans. He wants to go to Russia. So he took my brother Abi with him and they went to the border, to the Russian border. And they were exchanging people on the Russian border and he got cut off. They both got cut off from each other and my brother Abi, came back and he later died in the concentration camp on pneumonia. And my brother Max was in Russia, in ???.

So he successfully got across but...

He got, yeah.

...the other brother didn't.


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