Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Schleifer - August 1, 1982

Dachau I

They marched you to?


Dachau. Uh, when you got to Dachau, did you know where you were at?

Well uh, you found out when you got there.

Had you heard of Dachau before?


Did you know what type of a place it was once you were there?

Well, you knew what. Then you found out what it was.

How long were you in Dachau?

Again, I uh, I don't think we were there a month before, again, they put us, on--this time they put us on regular trains and they shipped us out. Before they shipped us out, everybody got a Red Cross package.

Okay, well we'll talk about that in a second. Let's talk about Dachau for just a minute. Uh, did you--what did you do while you were at Dachau?

Well, actually, again, any, any camp you get in to, first you were quarantine before you get any detail--any work. So, you stay in the barrack now. This particular barracks where we was was quarantined because we got in there and it wasn't even a month. That's what I'm saying that I wasn't even in a month there before they shipped us out again. We didn't do nothing. Just odds and ends uh, clean up outside the yard, uh, pick up stuff by then. There was nothin' else to, to get up.

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