Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Vera Schey - June 10, 1994


How large was your extended family? You said you had your grandfather...

My grandfather on my father's side and his second wife lived in a small town outside of, maybe two hours out of Budapest.

Aunts, uncles?

I had, yes, my father's brother and wife and cousin lived in Budapest. My father's sister and husband and child lived in Budapest. My mother had one brother, he was in Budapest and my mother's mother--my grandmother on my mother's side, they were all in Budapest. Out of this, there's one left. One uncle.

One sur...only one survived.

One survived. I mean, he isn't alive, right, right now he's dead too, by age. But I mean, he's the only one who survived.

So only you and your...

My mother's brother died. My uh, uncle, who is, who was alive, his sis...his wife and his child died. Uh, no, I have another cousin from, the mother's, my father's sister's cousin is, was alive in Australia. And my mother and I, we were together all the time, we were--well, we were not all together because we were hiding in different places at a time. But both of us survived in Budapest. My grandparents from, from the small town were taken.

Taken to Auschwitz? Taken to Auschwitz?

I don't think they ever got there. He was old already and I think he died. I don't really know. I don't, I don't even know--my uncle was in slavery camp. I know he died there. My uncle who survived, his wife was taken to Bergen-Belsen, ended up in Theresienstadt and died there. My cousin died in slave labor camp.

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