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Vera Schey - June 10, 1994

Conditions in Hiding

When you were in, when you lived with this other young woman and then when you lived with the husband and wife, your neighbors.


What was is like from day to day when you were in their house? Did you talk to them?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Did you discuss the dangers that were involved?

Absolutely, ab...they knew it, they were aware of it, they also had a friend who uh, I didn't even know before, but at that time I was a nice looking young girl and he was a nice looking young man and he started coming and, and keeping company with me and taking me out at night if nobody saw us and trying to live a normal life. And they knew what was going... We didn't sleep in their house. We went back to sleep in our apartment. It was right next door. But we spent the nights when it was cold and we had no heat and we had no electricity. And we had no radio. And, and being the two of us, as my mother, scared to death being there. So this was a wonderful outlet. And they, they were absolutely wonderful. But I, I knew that this is--this cannot last because anytime there would be one of these Razzias, one of these check and they, they did this all the time. It could be that they don't do it for three weeks and it could be that they do it two days in a row. But it could have happened anytime. I knew this is not the place to be because they line you up and the rest of the neighbors would know who you are.


So not only do, do we put ourselves in jeopardy, but we put them in jeopardy. More so than anywhere else where it was a chance that maybe they don't. Here they would have known us.

And you were...

So as soon as we were able to get this apartment uh, which I applied for we, we moved into it.

And the young woman with whom you stayed for awhile?

The what?

The woman you stayed with for awhile?

She uh, we, we didn't see her anymore after that.

But when you were with her, you...

Oh she knew exactly.

And you talked about what was going on.

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