Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Vera Schey - June 10, 1994

Separated from Mother

You decided you were going to...be safer to split up.

Yes, yes. We could not, there was no way we could stay, could stay together at that point. So I went there and when the neighbors came in she said I was fleeing the Russians from the Carpaths or somewhere Russians were already there and that's why I came to Budapest and I'm an old friend and she took me in to stay there. Which was fine for several weeks. But then a lot of them started coming and asking too many questions. It wasn't safe for her, it wasn't safe for me, so I had to leave ???. The apartment house where we lived originally--there were some neighbors who from day number one since they lived there--at least we always thought they were anti-Semitic. They were unfriendly. I mean in the good times yet, they were unfriendly, they were, they always made a little trouble if possible and I think it's a uh, a Jewish trait to think that, why would they do it unless they were anti-Semitic. Because there was no personal conflict in any way. There's--that's an interesting story--I should have said this in the beginning. On March the 20th my mother was planning a fashion show in her millinery shop and we sent out invitations. And since this was an extra neighbor, friendly or not, you had, we sent them an invitation too. On that Monday morning, at ten o'clock--naturally I don't have to tell you there was no fashion show--uh, the doorbell rings and she's at the door. And my mother and I looked at each other and said, "It's already starting. I mean, that was the first reaction. It's already starting we-- whatever the Gentiles will do. She walks in and she says, "Look I know there's no fashion show, naturally under the circumstances, but I came to tell you that in whatever way or shape we can help you, we'll be glad to." And I, our mouths fell open. I mean, it's the last person in the world expected. From friends you expected it, but from somebody who was never friendly.

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