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Vera Schey - June 10, 1994

Arrival of Germans

This is springtime.

Yeah, This was like probably I would say May, June, something like that. They came March 19th and I think we didn't move there April to this house. And I already spent whatever, four weeks--six weeks in this factory. Then we went back there. Then uh, a few weeks later and I don't know if there's a you know, how long this, this government lasted, when the uh, when the Arrow Cross took over.

That's when Eichmann came in, in May.

In May?

I think it was May.

The Arrow Cross came in, in May already?


Szálasi got in, in May already?

I think so because that's when Eichmann came back and started deporting.

Yeah, yeah. At that point the same friend I made in the factory came running in again to, came to my house to uh, to this yellow star house and said, "Look, things do not look good." And he said, "You come back to the factory and hopefully I can protect you there. I can't guarantee it, but it's better than..." There were--that's when the proclamations started all over again. You have to be at next morning at eight o'clock at this and this football field with your gear and, you know uh, for work. And at, by that point I already had obtained false papers uh, for my mother and me. I had a friend who had several drug stores and he had a couple employees who worked for him and, for many, many years. And they were about the age of my mother and my--so they were not fal...they were false papers that, it was me, but it was an actual...


...living person's paper.

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