Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Aaron Salzburg - July 24, 1984

Skarżysko II

We had this leader by the name, the first one was, Bartenschlager--Dr. Bartenschlager. A name I will never forget--a bloody murder. He came in, took out girls, raped them, killed them sadistically. The most beautiful girls--killed them sadistically. He specially invited guests from Radom. Radom was, was ???. That means--I don't know. It was the state, the capital, whatever. And this was the entertainment this Bartenschlager had. He was a very, a very cheap murderer. He would come into camp and try to take away a penny from, from the people which thought they might still have some money. He would come up and, and take away--he would come up and take away and search for money himself. Yet he had, he had a title doctor. And uh, Skarżysko--we had the same, the same story which was it repeated again and again about the sick people, especially people sick on typhus. Uh, then we had a guy by the name ???, a crippled person--a crippled uh, German. He used to come in at night and at the Revier. They called it Revier in German, and with a battery or flashlight in his hand, shine on the people's eyes. He was the doctor. He was supposed to be the doctor. He would uh, be the expert for whom it is time to be killed and whom still might have a chance to stay in that Revier for another few days, or maybe in between the person who could get healthy, so it was a big box on the outside, most of the time these people were still alive when they threw them in the box--when they threw the people in the box. They had a little, a little forest, not too far away, maybe four or five kilometers, there where the people went and being shot. They uh, used to come on, come in on Sundays and they called it selections. That means everybody had to line up on roll call and they would look at everybody's face, whether he's look healthy, whether he's dressed. Those which were not dressed the way they figured they should be or those who didn't look too healthy, they would take them out. They, they called this selections. That was on Sundays. It was the free time when they had they had time off to come in and have this uh, entertainment. Those people selected, of course, were shot right away uh, in that little forest.

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