Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Aaron Salzburg - July 24, 1984

Fate of Family

Did he give you any information about your family?

Yes, my brother was supposed to been one of the eighty-four people left. As a matter of fact a cousin of mine, by the name um, ??? ???, he too was chosen to be with the uh, eighty-four people which were to be served in that camp. He were a very happy fellow, a Zionist through and through, even in those dark days, as that camp looked. He said, "We the Jewish people will survive!" But of course, he did not survive, nor did my brother.

What about your parents?

They all...

Were they...

My parents all were gassed. The youngest brother was nine years of age. I remember the moment when we walked out of the house, he was a bright, good looking boy. My mother start to cry leaving everything behind. This little boy told her--said to her, "Please don't cry. The SS will kill you. Just walk out of the house." The oldest brother was 26. All perished, including mother and father. [pause] This is the information. This as much as I know about Treblinka. Singer came with me to Skarżysko--to a labor camp--after we liquidated--our ghetto completely. He came to Skarżysko and he tried to escape and I believe he was caught somewhere--we don't know where. He did not survive. He was killed by the Germans. The other two were killed. They're not alive, not what I know.

You mean the other two...

All in all four people came back, neither one survived. I know of one person which survived Treblinka. His name is, I believe, Salmek Williamsberg. The father was a uh, an artist, a painter, and uh, I don't know how he got to Treblinka. He got lost from our city--from the site, just before the liquidation of the city, but when our people got there he was already there and working in that camp, and they recognized him and he recognized them. He survived and he is now in Israel. That's as much as I know about this person. Very intelligent Jewish fellow. He survived. His father did not survive.

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