Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Leon Salomon - June 18, 1990


What about your parents, had you heard about them, thought about them?

No. For my parents and my mother, the contact stopped as the war broke out. That was it. We had contact with them until the war in 1941, but when this broke out there was no more contact.

What did happen to them?

As I understand, I have a friend of mine who is from my town who was in Auschwitz, Maków was liquidated I believe end of 42. That particular transport that my parents were on and my younger sister went straight to the gas chamber. None of that transport survived.

No selection?

Pardon me?

There were no selections?

No, the whole transport went right to the, yeah. There were other transport, also from Maków, some survived, but they were in a different transport. This particular transport they were on went straight to the gas chamber.

But this you didn't find out until after the war?

This I didn't find out till after the war, yeah.

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