Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Zoltan Rubin - January 12, 1983

Increased Anti-Semitism

That's all right, bring it back.

Yeah, so the first thing, the nice way, because my father was very influential but they didn't want to, they wanted, they didn't want to eliminate him but they wanted to eliminate him from the business. So, there was suggested that he shouldn't have his picture on it. They should put in one of his son's pictures because his son doesn't have a beard. So they put my picture on. I was, I became the commissioner of the...but this is how it started. At this point, my father, he should rest in peace, he realized the mistake that he didn't supported my brother when he went to Israel. And so this is how it started, and then uh, then, then they started to eliminate people from businesses, from school, you couldn't go to school so much...

What year do you think this would be?

This was already '39 or '40, '40. You couldn't go to school so many, they are eliminating. And uh, then they, then there came the deportation time. First thing what they did, they took the small children, thirteen and fourteen years. Girls and boys.

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