Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Zoltan Rubin - January 12, 1983

End of War

And how did you find out about the end of the war?

We, we heard, we heard the shooting. We were very close, we were, we were evacuating, and the Americans were coming. So, we were, we were pushing ourselves towards always towards, closer, closer, until we, we got to Pilsen. And we were near, we were uh, we joined the Americans near Pilsen.

We left uh, left one thing out. We were talking about the uh, 1939, 1940. You brought the Star that was put in the window.

Oh yes, this is an important year. This is when they started to, when they started to propaganda against the Jews. Here is an important, this is an important one. This was, little, little labels like this here, they were putting in every place they can, every place, in windows, in doors. Here, maybe you can get a close-up on this one. You got it?

Can you read what it says?

Okay, I will read it what it says. Oops, I need my glasses on. "This is him. You will recognize him accord...uh, by the star. This is him what he grabs everything to himself. This is him, who, who is um, again...who is uh, lying against the state. This is... No, and, and make lies. And no, no, this... make lie." I think that I should stop. Uh, make revolutions, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay?

[Czech] It means this is him, you will recognize him according to the star.

[Czech] This is him, who grabs everything for himself.

[Czech] This is him, who makes revolutions and lies.

[Czech] This is him, who is uh, uh, lying against the...working against the state and the state's friend.

[Czech] Remember these who are working with him together.

Let me ask you one question that I wanted to...I didn't want to stop you in the middle. Remember, you said that the um, the second time they took the family to...

Prešov, yeah.

Prešov and they, you were released because you had the paper...

I had a yellow paper, yeah.

...but before that, they shaved your father's beard.

This was, this was this is the time that they shaved my father's beard. This is the time they shaved my father's beard.

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