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Sigmund Rubin - January 12, 1982

After the War II

We had those kids, children of farmers, young people. You see they were the ones, they were our leaders, let's put it this way. And as I said before, thanks to them we are here.

During this time that you were in hiding, were you aware of what was going on in the war?

We, very little, very little. We were cut off from the, how they say, from the civilization. We, once in awhile, we got a hold of a newspaper, but it was either old or it was not up to date. So we really, we didn't know much. They came, told us stories or rumors, you know. We, we dreamt certain things, he says, oh my God, you know, sometimes we dreamt that we are free. We got up with the intent, with that thought that we are free. We wanted to be free. But other than that we were cut off, cut off completely from, from the world.

Where was the rest of your family at this time?

Pardon me?

While you were in hiding,


What of the rest of your family?

I don't know what happened to them. See, my brothers, I am assuming, that they were killed while they were jumping. Or maybe they were injured and they bled to death. This is for sure, because I inquired in Nowy Korczyn for five, six weeks after, after it happened. Anyone who survived from that uh, uh, jumping business from the train came in touch with us. We knew about it that they are here. And about my parents and sisters, no chance. No chance. Long time I didn't even think about it that they survived.

Were you in touch with anybody back in Łódź?

I was in Łódź.

I mean while you were in hiding.

No, no. There was no way. No.

Do you suffer from any physical illness as a result of your experience?

Well, I had an ulcer, which is cured. I have high blood pressure. None of my family, none of, none of my family had high pressure. You know, my parents didn't have any high blood pressure. I have high blood pressure now. I don't know whether this is a result of that. Otherwise I have pretty good health.

Any psychological disabilities?

No, no.

Do you think about this a lot?

I do think, yes of course. I think about and I talk about it. I got uh, uh, dreams, sometimes I dream about the war. But uh, I'm lucky, I think.

Does it interfere at all with your, with your life today?

No, I don't think so.

What are your feelings about discussing this like this?

Well, I'm glad that I, I could uh, tell my experience and I'm glad that somebody will listen to that, that'll be of any help. Maybe people who will take interest to listen to those stories will be aware what it could happen if you don't take precautions.

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