Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Agi Rubin - December 19, 1984

Telling Others About Experience

Is that why you talk about this, it's hard to talk about it for you... yet you go out to schools and do things like this...

I think I talk about it out of the guilt trip that I feel that I wanna make up for. Cause for many years, we wanted to close the door behind us and if people, happen to me that, somebody, a waitress in a restaurant asked me what is that number? I say it is my telephone number, and she accepted the explanation because I wouldn't go into details. But when we start hearing about things that this Auschwitz didn't exist as some professors attempt to spread news about from Chicago, and we know how anti-Semitism is spreading, and our future generation doesn't know anything about uh the world history, it's our duty, I feel inasmuch as it is hard, but it was harder for our loved ones to die so if this is my way of over, showing my gratitude, not gratitude, this is the least I can do for my loved ones who suffered through to talk about it also for the benefit of the future generation that whatever can happen to next door it can happen to you too and you should be on the lookout, you should be aware of things what is going on in the world and you should have compassion to your human beings. And understanding, and if you have that, you can alter the world to make it more livable.

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