Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Berek Rothenberg - May 20, 1984

Importance of Jews in Society

That, that--I, I understood that, that they will take us to work and we're going to work, only they were going to take my father and mother and, and little children and the five year old and four year old children put them in, in a box car and they send 'em to like, like sheep to the gas chambers. Nobody believed it. When it happened in Germany--all right they, they took away the, the properties from the, from the German Jews, they took away the rights they took away the citizenship from the German Jews and they sent them to labor camps. All right, that's labor camps, Labor--it's war. And they claiming that we, we, we--the Jews right away we are the, the, the--how to say--the guinea pig. We, right away, if something--what happened here. Uh, right away the Jews. In Germany the Jews were in high position, the Jews were bankers, Jews were professors, Jews were--take Archie Bunker here. He wants a good lawyer, he goes to Goldman or to Shulman or to, to Sullivan. The Jew is the good lawyer, the good doctor. And then something happens, right with the Jew. We are the guinea--same thing Poland. They want a good lawyer they went to a Jew. They want a good doctor, they went to a Jewish doctor or they went to Germany to look for a Jewish doctor or they went to Austria looking for a Jewish doctor. Poland didn't have enough doctors. They always--they, they think a, a lot about the Jews. When it comes to destroying, the Jew the first one. We bring the culture, we bring the music, we bring the, everything--the science, everything what you got in the world we--everything. When it comes to something, we are the first too. That's all.

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