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Berek Rothenberg - May 20, 1984

Moving to the United States

Uh, that was in 1949?

I came in '49.

To Detroit?

To Detroit.

And so uh, what did you do then? Who did you find here?

So I came here and I was working in a factory. And from '49 to '58. And in '58 I worked in another factory 'til '64--no--in 1950 I got married and I have three sons.

Your wife is from Europe?

My wife is from Europe but she was six months old when she came here. So she, she's like here born--she was six months old. Then I became a citizen--I mean, I got married and I got three sons. And now I have two sons married and I have three grandchildren. And I work now for Great Scott from '64 'til uh, 'til I hope 'til the retirement. And I'm hoping maybe this year or next year to retire.

And what uh, you work in a, in a food store.


No, now.

Now I'm working with Great Scott's of America in deli department. Before I was working in meat department before I had heart surgery and uh, about eight years ago and the doctor told me not to do no lifting. So I went in the deli and I'm working behind the deli. Only that I just take out--I'm taking out just the top thing. I got the--I could tell you more things what happen in the camps and more, more things what we went through with the, with the, with the conditions. Only I just brought out the...

The highlights.

The highlights.

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