Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Berek Rothenberg - May 20, 1984

Working in Camp

How many days a week did you work?

Six days. On Sunday was worse. Sunday we changed the shift. So we had to go from seven to twelve, I think, or to two and then to go in twelve, mid...uh, midnight shift to, to seven in the morning. And Sunday changed the shift. And the, the hours what we were in--at home, we had to do the cleaning. So then they built up a new, a new camp with barracks and with rooms, with the, with the bunk beds. So then was uh, was, was a little easy living. So four people--two on top and two on the bottom. It was maybe about fifteen, twenty bunk beds--about forty in a, in a, in a room. So then was, was a little different. We knew each other, we could trust each other. It was a little different. All in--who--the first one when we came to Skarżysko, uh, the, the ??? and, and this uh, and, who lived in the Ekonomia--if somebody survived very difficult. And the Jewish policeman walked around over there and they hit you over, over nothing. Over nothing. We had one--I will mention--was Krzepicki and the other one was Tepperman. They were two murderers. I'm ashamed to say this. But what I went through this--only they were two murderers. I don't know if they're alive. They, they were, they were from Radom.

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