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Berek Rothenberg - May 20, 1984

Jewish Organizations II

What's that?

A lectur...a ba'al darshan is like--he was not a missionary. Or he came uh, sometimes he, he collect for, for orphans or he collect for some Yeshivas, he collect for some other institution--for Jewish institution or for Keren Kayemet L'Israel for--to buy the land in Israel--in Palestine, you know. And we always had something. And we always--it was not a, it was not a bored day. If somebody want to, to--if somebody like this, the collect...this collective life to come together, you could always find--after work or you--if we went to school we had homework or we, we had to go to, to cheder and then, then--always something. Or if somebody want to play, to play games, like, we could play in domino or we could play shokh. You know, with ???, they call it here bingo.

Shokh is chess.

Shokh is chess, yes. And we always, we always were--we not, we not spend--we didn't spent too much on the street like was, was very--we were mostly located in the organizations. We had so many organizations and the--was not--we always were--the same girl or the same boy could belong maybe to three organizations. Oh you belong to Hanoar Hatzioni, no you belong to Maccabi or you belong to, to the Betar. And we always got some--we always met uh, together and always lectures in--or people from other town. Some town we had very educated people--their name was ???--he was a very educated person and he always got something to, to lecture. And I used to love to, to listen to the--about the Jewish history or I used to love about the Zionist Movement or about Dr. Herzl. I always was interested about Jabotins...I always interested to hear about the Zionist things. I was brought up mostly Zionist. I...

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