Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Roth - March 28, 1982

Fate of Family Members

Did you have a larger family, aunts, uncles also in Uzhgorod?

Yes and um, I was just telling my girlfriend yesterday that I don't know why I remembered, but we also had grandparents not far away from us, okay. It was a shtetl, a smaller, they were gentlemen farmers. And um, I had an aunt and uncle who lived with us in town and, uh...

Did they have children too?

Two children. We went, well I don't know how to um, we had a big family.

About how many do you think?

We had-mother had two sisters and a brother and father had about three sisters and a brother and children and everybody. We were-I was together with my two sisters from the beginning to the end and we survived. And nobody else survived.

So you think that the extended family was maybe what, about fifty to sixty people?

Yeah about fifty, sixty people.

Do you know how many were lost during the war, about? How many aunts and uncles did you lose?

All the aunts and uncles were gone.

And their children too?

And their children. I only have one cousin, twin cousins who the Germans experimented on. They somehow survived. They are in New York. These are the first cousins, my mother's sisters'. And, and one cousin, that I saved her life, I guess. And um, that's all. We have two, we have three cousins and three sisters that we have, six of us survived.

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