Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Roth - March 28, 1982

Medical Experiments

And Mengele did the same thing?

The same thing and Mengele had these experiments on, on twins. They put them in all together in a different barracks because I know my two cousins who were in the experiment, they were going to experiment how after the war, they're going to uh, grow more people, you know, if women's going to have twins and triplets and...

Do you know any specifics about those experiments?

What I know from my cousins.

What did they tell you about it?

They uh, had to have shots and uh, um, they kept them completely separate and, um...

Do you know what kind of shots they got?

Well nobody-they put things in our food where the women never did get their periods, okay.

So they stopped menstruating?

Yeah, so did we. So did we. Nobody. In a way maybe it was good, it would have been horrible.

You think it was because they put something in the food?

Yes, they did. The food they brought in a trash can in the morning and uh, it was a so called soup. Every barrack got about two or three trash cans.

What was in the soup?

It was horrible, all I remember is being very, very hungry all the time.

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