Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edith Roth - March 28, 1982

Life in Auschwitz Part II

Were you back on the platform again? Where the train arrived?

What do you mean?

Well where the train...

This was in Auschwitz already.

Oh, so you were in Auschwitz, not by the train platform. They had just arrived at Auschwitz. This was Auschwitz I?

I forgot to tell you that when we arrived, we saw all these people baldheaded, okay, already, who were already shaved off and everything, and I said to my sister, they're taking us to crazy people because look they are baldheaded, they're crazy people, they shaved them. And then, they constantly day and night, every morning and every night, we had so called Zahlappell, they forever counted us for some reason, if somebody didn't escape somewhere. There's no way to escape and we did nothing the whole time, just, laid on that bed and um, [pause] one morning I saw my, my uh, girlfriend arriving with her mother, which was very unusual because her mother um, was very young. You know those days, she was the oldest child, her mother was something like thirty-five, thirty-six years old, and um, I remember giving her my-I thought she was old, you know when you're so young, you think thirty-six is old. So I gave her my piece of my...because she didn't have nowhere to sleep, and I gave her my piece of mine and I remember I slept in a wheelbarrow.

In a wheelbarrow?

Yeah, with my feet hanging.

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