Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Selma Rich - July 17, 1984


And still these things in my head, I couldn't...they buried them alive. I couldn't, I was afraid if I will talk about it, I didn't. I'm a strong person because what I been through.

Did your children not want to know about the Holocaust?

They want to know maybe. My son don't want to know because he has mental problems.

How about your daughter?

My daughter want to know. And she was reading, I gave her books to read about that, and she knows.

How do you get along with your daughter now?


Your grandchildren, how are they?

Oh they adore... They are here some days, ??? my daughter's eldest.

The one ???

It couldn't be a better relationship. It couldn't be a better relationship. They are the one in the world to me. In general I love people. I don't know, I go now in Akiva Day School and 'specially I help kids with grading problems and other things. I have here now two children which are coming to me, one is from my synagogue, Beth Yehuda. He comes to me with learning disabilities and I help him.

Okay. Is there anything that you'd like to add?

That I have two wonderful children, I have a wonderful daughter, Shirley, her last name is ??? now, and a son, which I love him very dearly and three grandchildren, which I'm very fortunate to have. I count my blessings. [Man] And the holidays now they are fulfilling because we are together. I don't, I, I think still I miss this, what I lost, but partially they are fulfilling my life.

That's beautiful.

That's what I would like to add, if you think it's okay.

It's on the tape.

It's already on the tape? Oh.

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