Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Brenda Reiss - June 23, 1983

Thoughts on Israel

How do you feel about Israel?

I feel very much. Sure I feel.

Do you think that if it had been in existence then that that could have happened?

I hope that not. I hope that what people went through--it's impossible to believe it. Nobody can believe it what people would survive and what they went through six years, six years--especially who they went to Auschwitz. I was there every minute. ??? I went to steal a potato, to get up in the morning to work ???. This is impossible to believe what they did it, impossible to believe. ??? babushka she was looking far away to somebody ??? like some underpants or something to wear it on the head because it was so cold. We walked on the wooden shoes, the, the snow was and they hit--she hit us. This is all impossible, all impossible. And the men were crying behind her. Every time with a gun, with a knife at the top--behind you. This was impossible. This is impossible to believe what they did it. It's impossible. ??? Ask the fellow why are you walking in the middle in the street, I'm used already to walking in the middle of the street. Impossible the things what they did it. This is--nobody can believe they were not ???. Not a day, not a day. I mean, life was miserable. They were letting you live, for what?

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