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Brenda Reiss - June 23, 1983

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In this country, did you talk much to people about what happened during the war?

Every minute. People tell me why you talk so much? But I cannot help it. ??? Every night, every moment.

Do your children know what happened?

They know but I didn't want to tell them too much. I don't want to tell them too much. ??? he want to write but I cannot take it no more ???.

Is it easier for you to talk with other survivors about it?

Yes, I always ask are you always talking back. Some of them say you forget, but I, I, I cannot forget. I cannot forget. ???

You have how many children now?

I have three.

What are your hopes for them and for their future? What do you wish for them if you could...

Not to go through what I went through. That's so bad. ??? Not to happen this no more, I hope. I hope not to happen this no more. This is terrible to go through what I went through six years because I'm a Jew.

Are you a religious person today? Are you very religious?

I don't believe it because my family was so religious. And I said how they can do this to them? Why? Because just I'm a Jew? Why? What's the--why? My mother, my sister, why? What the reason they got to do. Why didn't God do that miracle? Why? Why?

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