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Brenda Reiss - June 23, 1983

Moving to the United States

What made you decide to come to the United States?

Because I don't want to suffer no more and I was thinking--then I got married. I was thinking--I got two children--I was thinking I'm going to better myself.


And I, I cannot suffer no more hunger and, and box to live. And the Jewish Social Services took me in because I had no family, they took me in.

Your children were born...

Two were born in, in Germany.

Did you have much contact when you were living in Germany with the German people at all?

No, I cannot take it from there, no. Nothing. I was very upset until today.


I don't care for nothing.


You live like you say exist and that's all.

When you came here what year was it?

Nineteen then probably fifty.

Fifty, you came here. Did you come right to this area, right to Michigan?

I was supposed to go to Akron, Ohio. My husband's family was here and...

[interruption in interview]

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