Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Brenda Reiss - June 23, 1983

Helping Friend in Camp

Went to ??? in Czechoslovakia in eight months the lady saw--the German lady said she saw--I went to her to work. She was upset. The lady said--this was a factory--the lady--she went downstairs to eat, the lady--she's ??? pregnant eight months, then she said she was going to deliver and she wanted to deliver. She got eight years before, I got three she got the baby. ??? even the doctors were coming because we must go--the doctors were coming you can go to the factory to work. How she can go if she's pregnant? I always want to remember and she always cried, "You do too much for me, you're not going to live." I said, "I'm not going to live anyway, what's the difference a day later or a day earlier?" ??? she got the baby. My husband--I got the pictures in my beauty shop. My husband ??? everything I got with her with the baby. And I'm looking now and I cannot find her. How I can find her? I left in Germany in 1948. She supposed to go someplace else and I kept mailing and now I cannot find her. I'm looking for her so much. I'd like to find so badly. The baby--when I left the baby, the baby was for eight months, nine months already. I cannot--and she was in the??? in Germany--in Munich. And I tell you the truth, I'm not ??? because maybe, you know, she--the baby must get the money and I get the money--she's getting the money. But, you know, when you're in that situation you don't know the day and you don't know a night. I never know what day I'm coming or what day I'm going. I never know the dates. Never. What day I was here and what day was that. Never know that.


Because I don't want to keep track because I know I'm not going to live a real life anyway. Never know, I think.

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