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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Life with Foster Parents II

So, when I really got into speaking English, reading and writing in English the governess said, "I'm going. You don't need me anymore," but before she went she gave me a beautiful picture book of the New Testament and she told me, "Jesus will take, take care of you."

How did you react to that?

Well, I had to go to church. I had to go to church and--every Sunday--and they were devout people but Mr. Style just didn't want me to forget that I was Jewish. There were letters from my mom and from my grandfather. They came pretty regularly and I wrote to them--they wrote to me in German and I answered. And then I started enjoying life. I had a pony. I went riding with my uncle. I had piano lessons, I had a birthday party. It was all new to me, things like that.

What were you hearing from...

From my...


From Bratislava?

Nothing. But from...

From Aussig?


My grandfather kept telling me I should study and I should be a good child and to respect and obey my foster parents and that I shouldn't forget to say my prayers. Not, not the prayers that I was told to say but to say my Shabbat properly every night, right? And, uh...

And from you mother?

My mom, my mom was broken hearted, I think. But I think you can break your heart twice, you know. First of all you lose your husband then you can't take care of your child. Secondly, you get your child back, then you have to send her away and you don't know where she's going and what's going to happen to her but you're trying to save your child. So, what my mother went through I do not wish upon my worst enemies.

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