Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Religious Life

So was your fam...was your family religious?


They were religious.


And did you attend synagogue regularly?


Attend sy...religious services regularly?

No uh, we in the orphanage were taught to pray and we prayed in the orphanage but my uncle was one of the personalities in Bratislava--a very, very well known man and my, my aunt--my father's sister--very often invited us over--invited me over to her home. And I remember my cousins and uh, but I was in the orphanage and nowadays relatives--see, my cousin's children ask, "How come if you had an aunt, why did you not stay with her? Or if your mother was not well why, why couldn't someone in the family have, sort of, taken over?" And I have no answer to give, I don't know. But uh, when--my grandfather was a very old man but he was active in, in the community and I think it was my grandfather that heard about a transport.

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