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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Thoughts on Holocaust Museums II

And she brushed up her Portuguese and she took the course for this kind of job in uh, in Yad Vashem and they told her, "Yofi," good. Yofi is very nice in, in Hebrew. "You will now get ready to go, first of all, to Poland. You're going to Auschwitz and you're going to see what happened there as a future guide but first of all you yourself have to go there and see your reactions." She went--this was oh, almost uh, almost two years ago--and it was before Pesach--Easter time. She went with a group and she came back a wreck. It took her a long time to get back to normal but she said, "Now, after Pesach, you will get you first group of Brazilians. They're all high school students. They come from São Paulo and you will take them and show them what you saw and give them whatever if you can in information and in feeling. Do not suppress your feelings. Control is one thing, suppression is another." And she did it very successfully and then she brought them back to Israel and she toured with them in Israel including Yad Vashem.

So she, she literally took them to Poland--took the group to Poland.

She took them Poland. And she was ready to go to Brazil to meet that group just before our New Year--Rosh Hashanah...

Husband: ??? She was supposed to go after the New Year and suddenly she discovered after six years of marriage that she was pregnant and they had wanted so much a child and she soon will be having twins ???.

Good for her, good for her. Um...

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