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Hanna Ramras - January 26, 2008

Sharing Story

Have you seen the movie The Power of Good?

The Power...

Power of Good.

Of greed?

Of good.

Of good, no.

That's Nicholas--it's about Nicholas Winton. It's a one hour DVD--it's a movie...

Can one get that?

I'll have somebody send it to you.

That'd be nice.

That's--tells his story and how people found out about what he had done. Um, is there anything that, that um, makes you think about life when you were a child? Easter eggs or getting on an airplane or getting on a train or anything that sort of triggers a memory of when you were young?

I'll give you my book I wrote.

You did write a book.

Yes. My book is called The Suitcase and uh, the--I called it The Suitcase because my, my younger cousin whose grandson wrote this article heard of Havi's story--his name was Simcha and he was the brother that I didn't have. He came along later. He was the youngest of my aunt's children. And he wrote a book, he wrote a book called The Yellow Star and that was a story of my aunt and uncle and the uh, community in Bratislava. It's an amazing book and it was, it was translated into Hebrew I think but uh, this my cousin when I left England for Brazil I had a number of suitcases and a big trunk and he gave one suitcase a kick and said, "Suitcases, we took them with us to the concentration camps. We've been wandering around with suitcases all over the world. Hanna, wherever you take these suitcases, I hope that this is the last stop." Well, after a short time in Brazil from England or Europe to Brazil in 1950 was going back like a hundred years in time. It was really underdeveloped and after awhile I said, "How on earth are we going to raise a family in a place like this?"

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