Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982

Formation of Ghetto

And uh, they formed kind of a Judenrat, which is a uh, Jewish community, a uh, they appointed a, the leader of the group and uh, oh, the uh, Judenrat. And, of course, a lot of those elements were undesirable ???. Those are the one who ??? and a lot of different people too. And uh, a few uh, months after that, they took half of the population. Or a year later, I can't recall the year.


They de... they deported us. To uh, little town called Lubartów. It's just near Lublin, Lublin. Be... Before they deported us, they uh, they kept us in the former Polish barracks, arm... army barracks in that town called ??? which is about twenty-five kilometers from our little--from our town. In the--for two weeks in the worse conditions was human being could ever be. Hundreds died from beating, from, from uh, sh... uh, from shooting, from uh, starvation. And finally they put us on train and we, uh... That little town called Lubartów that is where we was, we were taken. The local population, population of course took us into their home. And I stayed there with my parents for a few, for about two months but then I drove back to my hometown Mława as a non-Jew because Jews couldn't ride on train that time.


And at that time, they already had that little yellow uh, star...


...or the uh, white, white uh, and...


...armband. Uh, with a blue Star of David. But I uh, somehow managed to get through and I went through the back with our--with my sister to that town.


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