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Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982

Shabbos II

And uh, after that my, uh... We would sit down and also discuss. My father would uh, I would have to go through an exam, it's hard to say, what I learned Jewish in cheder.

Every, every week you'd have a...

Every week always. This ??? and lady ??? And lady ??? And of course, sometimes I deserved a good uh, licking too because I failed, you know. Most of the time I would say I did--I was a good student. And Shabbos um, uh, Saturday morning, Shabbos morning, it was uh, when we got up, we had to say the appropriate uh, uh, blessings or cer...uh, prayer. That was before we went to shul. Actually, we didn't go to shul, we went to Hasidic uh, shtieble, they call it. It was uh, like ??? Hasidim. Me and my father was a ??? Hasid. That where we went with the boys. And my mother and my sister--my sister usually went to ??? for services. It was a religious uh, school for uh, Jewish uh, girls. And also my mother went every Saturday morning to shul and uh, then we would come home uh, my father make Kiddush and then eating and all the Zemirot, the Shabbos songs and, and it was really, really a beautiful Shabbos. After that usually took the customary nap, Shabbos nap and then uh, summertime we had to be home for the ??? You know, we had to go to father ??? in summertime they say ??? And in uh, wintertime, of course, we said ??? It's a part of uh, the plow, tilling. And then we went to ??? for the ??? for the ??? where the proper song was uh, we said ??? and there was a uh, meal which is called ??? meal, the Shabbat. And the appropriate prayers and sanctuaries and then we had ??? I remember that we Saturday nights we had a ???

Hm. Sounds very nice.

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