Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982


Do you ever get a flashback or, or...

A lot of times.

...in the middle of the day?

Oh yes. Maybe so. Uh, I would say middle of the day when I'm on business, I'm busy but there are a lot of time when I relax or start to read a story, which uh, sometimes you forget about it. And uh, I say, "My God, I went through the exactly the same thing," you know, that is when it comes back to me and it's actually a lot of times spoils my um, the rest of my evening, which is supposed to be a restful evening, you know. And sometimes even, days after that.


And you just mentioned before about those uh, new ??? uh, people or uh, professors who come out and say that those things didn't happen. That really makes me upset because knowing--you know, I, I--it's like a movie. You take a flashback or a playback, I could see like in a movie what I went through every day for six years when I saw those corpses, when I saw those gas chambers, the personal sufferings uh, and here just a few years later, I mean, they are profess... I actually heard about the French professor who said that that is a lie from me. How can one even make a statement like that when his own Frenchmen? He doesn't have to go too far to ask the Jewish prisoners. He contain non-Jewish prisoners, Frenchmen who were brought from France to Auschwitz, to Buchenwald, to different extermination camps. Now, they, they themselves, I mean, as non-Jews they all--they, they are the one who can testify what was going on there. That really makes me upset because you have to remember that in Auschwitz there were a lot of cases where they took non-Jews. Like they brought in one time, I believe, a, a ??? Polish priest or supposedly the resistance from the woods ??? straight in the uh, uh, gas chambers. I mean, just as--I mean, everyone uh, the whole world knows about it and yet there are pe... there are--I don't know what you call them, neo-Nazis or whatever you say. They...

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