Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982


Were you ever called for as a witness to testify?

Yes. Well, I wasn't called because there's one uh, uh, case which I really, really regret. In our ghetto was a uh, a policeman, a German policeman, a gendarmes they call it. He was a brute of a man that he just had to ??? He actually shot people at sight. And after the war, that man in a small town in Ba... in Bavaria managed to be-- to get a job and be that chief of police in that town. And they discovered him after that and people who survived from my town went over there to that trial to testify those atrocities what that man did.


I didn't know about it because most of those witnesses went from Israel. The Israelis from my town went over there to testify against him. Had I known, I would have gone with them.


But I, I wasn't called to, to a uh, to testify.

And what was he convicted or...

He was convicted for life but I don't believe that man, that, that uh, that that man was in jail a year but they take care of their own. I don't believe it. Oh, if they do go to prison, they treat him like a uh, like in a uh, resting home, rest home ???

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