Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982

Activities in the Camps

Uh, when you were in the camps, did you know of any resistance movements?

Not that I know. I heard--at one time I heard there is some resistance. I myself did not participate.

Uh, and were you allowed to continue any of your religious activities or practice?

You were not allowed to do anything. You did it sometimes. You did it.


But actually you were not allowed to do it. I remember that in our uh, that, that bricklayer's school where we lived uh, our uh, quarters were downstairs. In Hanukkah, I remember illegally we lit some candles and Yom Kippur we davened.


Uh, we uh, had services you know. But actually that was actually illegal. God help us. I mean, if they would have caught us, it would have been uh, been, uh... They would have killed us right away. But there is always ways where you could do things which you weren't supposed to do...


...by putting up some guards by the door or, or bribing uh, a uh, some foremen or supervisor with some bread or whatever you could organize. But actually you, you weren't allowed to do that.

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