Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Saul Raimi - July 7, 1982

Knowledge of Mass Killings

Uh, so at what, at what point did you know that there were uh, the mass killings in the concentration camps?

In Auschwitz.

Not until you got to Auschwitz.

Went to Auschwitz and when we went around, we saw what was going on, I mean you didn't have to--but before that we didn't have any idea. Especially now, we didn't know nothing ??? In fact, before when we uh, before they deported us or they liquidated the ghetto, they told us that we are going east, we are going to live near, in military barracks and we are going to work for the heroic German army uh, doing sewing uh, the uniforms and doing all kinds of chores for them. And I believe we were innocent enough to believe it.

These, these were SS that were telling you this?

The uh, the local, the local--whoever deported us.


Well, they told us to take so much clothes and they said don't take too much because you're going to get it, you won't need it, you know, but take anyway so much this and this. Don't overburden yourself, don't overload yourself because you're going to get it.

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