Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Raab - June 28, 2002


Did he, what did your father do?

He was, he had a, a grocery store.

Did that mean he had a tobacco license because he was a veteran?

He had like...

Tobacco license to sell tobacco and things like that?

This I don't know, I know, I just remember that my uncle went--we visited Poland it must have been maybe eight years ago and the building is still there. And uh, there were two stores. One store belonged to my uncle and one belonged to my father. And both stores were still there. And my father had a grocery store. And uh, my uncle had a shoe store.

So it sounds like it was a fairly close-knit family.

Yeah, oh yeah, yeah. This whole building that we belonged--that we lived in, it belonged to my grandfather. It was grandfather's...

I see.

...building. He himself lived in, in uh, Grudek. But this property in Jarosław was his.

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