Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Alexander Raab - June 28, 2002

Attempt to Immigrate to Palestine

No, I know.

You know...

So did he move right into the...

...but he, he was a Zionist, he really was. And I always wonder why, why couldn't he decide to leave. But the reason, then again, with the family was there, you know. I mean, the family is rooted from generations.

So now there are only two of you, three of you ???.

From my immediate family, yeah, three of us.

Did the three of you went to Palestine or were planning to go?

So, so what happened, we--I absolutely, I wanted out of Poland. Which uh, my brother, he was older. So he went with one group before us. Me and my mother were left in Poland. My brother by himself went with a group.


First. He went and he--and they wound up in Austria on the American zone, on the American side. In, in Linz you know, near Linz. And then we followed.

Also to Linz.

Also, right. We got reunited with my brother in Linz. And my brother was already a member of a kibbutz over there and, and I was considered too, but I was younger, I mean you know, they had different activities. And uh, from Linz, we went to Italy.

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