Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Harry Praw - June 30, 1982

Working for the Gestapo

As a matter of fact, I still go back to the first place I that was. In Jaslo I worked in a police station--a German police station. They called me Morris. They said, "Your name is Morris." I said, "Let it be Morris." They treated me very well. I had no problem getting food. I always had enough food because they made sure I had enough food. Even if I had to wash a car for a Gestapo man, he picked me up and drove me home. He never let me walk home. But what he did to the other Jew, I was a different Jew. So one young punk, and this guy happened to be a Czech. He went out--he went to the--he went to town and the next thing you know--I happened to be working--he comes in and he says, "What happened? Guess what I did. I just killed myself a Jew." It was--he killed--he went out hunting so he killed a Jew.


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