Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Harry Praw - June 30, 1982

Being Transferred to Skarżysko

After about a year being in this first camp, from there they started--they moved us out to a different place. They took us to Krakow and that was already a little bit different.

Was that--that's the ghetto there?

No, no, no. They had a camp up in Krakow, near Krakow in that area. And that was already strict, more stricter than this one.


And they always, they always picked out the Jews. That was mostly the Gestapo people. If they didn't like the looks on, the looks on you, you were a goner.

Mm-hm. Did you, did you still have Ukrainian guards?

And then, and then--no, that was already strictly German.

Oh, okay, it was more German.

That was stictly Gestapo, that was strictly Gestapo.


Then we stayed there--they kept us there for a couple of days. They loaded us again on transport trains--same cattle cars. They always had the same accomodations. And then we went to a place called Skarżysko. Was a--that was an ammunition factory in the woods.


When they brought us into that camp, people were already working there. And we took one look at their faces--they were all yellow, like yellow paint painted on them and we couldn't figure out what happened to them. And that was already--that we figured that that was the end of us. That was in 1943.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

In that particular factory they made grenades. The produced grenades in that--in this one factory. So from that powder--the people--what they called the people that filled the grenades--whatever that was somehow it affected--the chemicals affected them and they all became yellow, like somebody would take yellow paint and paint their faces, their whole bodies.


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