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Harry Praw - June 30, 1982


June 30th, 1982, Sandra Crane will be doing the following interview with Mr. Harry Praw of Oak Park, Michigan.

Okay, here we go. Okay, we can start now.

Do you want me to start where I come from?

Yeah, just tell us--could you tell me your name please, where you were born and where you were during the war.

My name is Harry Praw. I'm originally from Łódź, Poland. I was born in 1929. I come from a family of five sisters, three brothers, father and mother, of course, and also we had a grandfather that we lived all together...


...in one household.

Big family.

Until uh, I attended public school, just I guess, like everybody else.


It wasn't too much of a deal because we had ??? that we couldn't go seven grades because the country was different, the living standards was different. You just had to quit, mostly--most people--most kids went till the age of thirteen and that was the end of our education...


...unfortunately, but that's the way it goes--it was. We just had to go out and provide for ourselves.


A family of eleven, we all live in one apartment.

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