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Abraham Pasternak - May 11, 1982


You have two children.

I have two children.

How old are they?

Judy is 25. She's going to be 25 this month...the 24th of May. And she's getting...and Marty is uh, 20. Kind-hearted.

He lives in Columbus.

He is studying. He is at Ohio University, yes.

Ohio State.

Ohio State, yeah.

Do you have plans for them? Hopes for them?

Every parents has hopes for their children. Oh yes, definitely. I hope that Judy is going to get married uh, someday. And I hope Marty, too, will get married and build himself a home. And I know one thing about Marty, that he will be active in Judaism. I, I have no worries about...Marty is uh, is uh, my, my daughter too but Marty will be much more active. If I may say it, he will be as active as I am in, in Jewish causes. Uh, first of all, he is uh, he has been active in USY. He is still active in, for instance, like he helped organizing this uh, uh, Holocaust ??? in ??? in, in Columbus, Ohio. He is uh, substituting sometimes for the rabbi at the, at the Hillel in Ohio State. And Marty's knowledgeable...he's knowledgeable in the Jewish things and he likes the Jewish things and I'm sure that Marty will uh, one day continue and he will be one of the leaders in the community, I know that.

Is there any final comments you wanted to make before we stopped today?

Yes, I hope whatever I have said here today, people were take it as facts and try to learn something and to remember that a payment was done. We are the ones who made the final payment for the Holocaust and there should be no more Holocaust on this earth, regardless whether they're Jew Holocaust or otherwise. And I hope and pray to God that the future generations are going to learn from that and they're going to try to prevent it. And I want to thank you both for uh, taking your time and effort to make this available for future generations to see and if I am contributing something, that in itself is a consolation to me and one of these days maybe I'll, I'll feel a little bit better about my brother's...thank you.

Thank you. 21

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