Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Herman Opatowski - November 2, 1981


Did you ever have any illnesses while you were in the camp?

I had uh, it was just a few days, but uh, I was lucky. Uh, uh, typhoid uh, we had. But I was lucky it was, they didn't keep me too long. Uh, just a few days, I got out of it. But there's some others, a matter of fact a friend of mine. Um, he would be... He was, he was practically out of it. I went to see them. Of course they didn't let go inside, but through the window. I talked to him and he was out of, out of the temperature he was out... He told me he was all right now but if he would be able to be out of this, of this, this hospital. It wasn't a hospital, a place where they, they kept uh, the, the sick people. He would be out of there, he said he would be alive. They would try uh, to get something, to organize something to eat basically to keep him alive. But a few days later I went there. He was, he was gone. I was lucky I came out after a few days.

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