Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Herman Opatowski - November 2, 1981

Religion in Auschwitz

Were there any religious services at all in the barracks after, at night or...

Well uh, there were groups, uh. They tried...Not, no, not so, during the, the generally not, but once I remember Yom Kippur. They tried...A group tried to say some who knew uh, by heart, you know, the prayers and thing and that, so they got together a few uh, before going to work, and uh, then later by coming home from work to say the prayers this and that. But religious, no, not, no services. We hardly knew the dates, what day it is. We knew as we worked a half a day it was Saturday. And, and uh, and uh, the next day we were afraid if we will not uh, if they will not take us out as I mentioned before we do special work, as all, to get killed there at work. So we knew the days, the Saturday afternoons and Sunday, so. But we didn't know the dates.

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