Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Herman Opatowski - November 2, 1981


The following is an interview with Mr. Herman Opatowski that took place on November 2, 1981. Mr. Opatowski was born in Kielce, Poland and incarcerated in Auschwitz. The interviewer was Paul Canchester.

Okay, maybe just tell us your name and, and where you were born.

Oh my name, Herman Opatowski from Poland and one of nine children.

Uh, what was the town you were born in?

Pardon me?

What was the town you were born in?

Town? Kielce, Poland. A town with uh, under 130 population.

And, uh...

And uh, Jewish population was uh, 27 thousand.

Uh, was your family very religious?

Yes, of course. Religious but not uh, it was modern religious.

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