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Michael Opas - [n.d.]

Opening a Business


You don't know Schloss? I know Bolkosky...

I know Bolkosky, but I don't...

Yeah Bolkosky know the Schlosses. He...he's from my hometown. And he was also in camp. We went to school together--evening classes. I met him in school. So he's a tailor. So we figured, we figured well, maybe we can do something--a little business together. Finally we found out that somebody is selling a cleaning store. So we bought it together in partnership.


A cleaning store on, on, on Michigan Avenue, in the Po...Polish section. Well, we bought this cleaning store there. I worked as a furrier, he worked as a, a tailor. And we, we hardly could make a living from it. It was, it was hardly, hardly for one family, but for two it was very, very little. So I--we had to give it up. We had to give this up so--because then, then they start tearing down a lot of, a lot of homes there in the neighborhood. They were building a--I think uh, an expressway or something, I don't know.


They were tearing down all the homes and the neighbors were moving away. The, the businesses were going to--all, all, all down the tubes. So I figured--you know, in, in--for my, for fur, for fur, fur business--for fur jobs it was very little, very few. So I figured for me it's not a ???. So finally we split. I went out and I found me a job in, in a factory. I worked for General Motors.

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