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Samuel Offen - December 27, 1981

Reunited with Younger Brother

In Ancona?

In--near Ancona, near, in the army camp, near Ancona. And he became a--of course, he was too young to join the army. We was just about around the age--he was too young to join the army. He was not, he was all of fourteen. So he went through the war as a, as a young boy. So he was--but he was able--they made an exception in his case because he was able to live practically with us. Although he wasn't--we were in uniform--they gave him a uniform too, but not with an insignia--and he lived with us practically the whole time that we were in the army. Right with us or near us. Eventually--this being a part of the British Army, the army had to be disbanded--discharged because the war was over. It was already 1940--the end of '46 or '47. So we had to be discharged. So we went to England, to be discharged from the British Army. So all three of us went to England. And we spent almost--we were discharged from the army and we spent almost five years, we were living in England before we came to this country. We lived there for five years, five very good years. We liked it very much. Just the three of you went?

Just the three of us, we all stayed--just the three of us, yes. And we lived in London for almost five years. And uh, we lived there in London until 1951.And then we moved here into this country.

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