Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan, Bernard, and Samuel Offen - September 3, 1987


I want to ask you one last question. All of us recognize that what you told me, what you told each other today, is a millionth of what uh, of what you could have said.

NO: Exactly.

The last time we talked, one of the last things you said was, you wanted to stop being a victim, a survivor, and start being a person. Uh, do you think that thats possible and do you think that you have done that?

NO: Yeah. I think I, I done what is humanly possible. I mean, like I said before, you cannot clear your head. Whats in the back of your head is going to stay for the rest of your life. You ex...that the horrors, that what you experience, what one human being can do to another one. This I can never forget. But if I keep on hating, I be self-destructive. I dont hate. But I dont forgive. I cannot forget it.

Okay, I think we should stop for today. Thank you very much.

BO: Thank you.

NO: Thank you.

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