Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Nothman - November 30, 1982


So somehow, something they talk about it. And there was about seventy-five of us--young--the oldest maybe about twenty years old. So they told us, un...un...unbutton the pants and took the pota...out and we got twenty-five from our side and that was all. I mean, we didn't--they just want to survive, they just want to survive. And potato--just like we had a steak, innocent. There was no meat. What kind of meat, what kind of butter, what kind of bread, potatoes and bread or potatoes. I could, I could look on--my probably you see ??? and you can see for men, it was hard tack. What about for women to like my wife? It was hard. It was hard. My wife went through that. So many men working for the SS. A lot of times, when that--something went wrong, they took us--there was maybe 200 of us, they shot maybe twenty. They had a big place where the storage clothes, so they took twenty of them. So a 180 back to the camp, the next day they were 200 back. But sometimes something was bad, no matter what happened, no defense, what is it? If the two Gentiles fighting together, you Jews are responsible. So it's impossible to say.

Do you think that the world has learned anything since then?

That's a good question. Well, I just see that United States help the Russian Jews to go--to come out from Russia and the two mistakes that they made in 1945. You see, they, they help and they do help because United States is the Iron Wall. That without United States the world would not exist. United States to show the world that human being is human being. No difference, what color, religious, or any, no difference, what is it? He's a human being. Supposed to help him.

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