Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Nothman - November 30, 1982

Feelings on Religion Now

How do you feel about religion uh, since, since the war?

Confused. I'm Jewish, I been Jewish, and I will die Jewish. And I believe in ??? this is my life. Of course I'm not fighting for me now. I'm just fighting for my children, the grandchildren, the grand-grandchildren because they are the future. So we only depend on ourselves so we can be proud that Israel is there. They should healthy and survive and, and--because we saw what happened in 1944, '45. We didn't have no food.

You said your brother is in Israel?

Yes, he is.

Have you been to Israel?

Oh yes, I was in Israel. I didn't see him from 1939, 1939--in 1968--so let me say, twenty-eight--twenty-nine years. He was, he was fighting. He was in Haganah. He was fighting to liberate--so we can create a state of Israel--which happened way, way before Belfour Declaration, you know. We should have the state a long time ago. There will never be, there will never be like this. People would survive. The United Nation will occupied. But...

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